Thursday, November 1, 2012


I would like to open today by saying THANK YOU to all of the readers who reached out yesterday in concern for me based on my writing yesterday. It was very heartfelt that there are genuine people reading my Blogs. I must say though that you will almost never read a Blog I write where I will include personal life information, that is not what this is about. What I attempt to do is make my writing palatable and easily understood by readers of all ages and levels of comprehension which sometimes requires me to set up a scenario by which the reader can then read my message and say "Thats what he meant by that" if it happens to be the type of read. I try to write about current events, things that are of concern to me and should be to you as well, and sometimes life experience to impart some wisdom to our youth and those that may need guidance. I will sometimes write in the first person if that helps to get my message across but please understand, I am almost never writing about my personal life although there may be bits of personal experience intertwined in the body of text.

Once again, THANK YOU all for the Love and Concern but no one loves themselves more than I love me and you all, I am good with me, with mine and I am truly God Blessed so I try to pass the Blessings on to you thru my Blog. Peace, God Bless and Love Someone Today!!!

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